Social Speaks: Product Guides

  • A Behind the Scenes View

    Share photos and information about your business. Give your followers a glimpse of your firm, upcoming project...

  • Take Note

    Regularly monitor the comments made about your company, brand and products. Social media calls for being activ...

  • Reach Out

    Facilitate conversations by asking questions and learning about your followers (if allowed by compliance).

  • Frequency

    Actively posting and tweeting not only provides your followers with newsworthy and relevant information, it al...

  • Respond

    Listen to what is being said and engage in the conversation. Respond to compliments and feedback as quickly as...

  • Be the Expert

    Stay current on the big picture and what’s happening in the financial industry as it relates to your business ...

  • Share the Spotlight

    Publicly reply and retweet your follower’s tweets that you feel are worth sharing with your network.

  • Brand Yourself through Your Voice

    Ensure that you are adding a human element to your social media plan. Remember, as an advisor, you want to bui...

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